What does it mean to rediscover “the corporeality of theatre and the theatre of corporeality”?

This chiastic question and insight concerning dramatically embodied world-making goes to the core of Marco Frascari’s life-long exploration of architectural imagination. Provoked by Frascari’s protean puzzle – and by the challenge to social embodiment posed by the pandemic and other global crises – this symposium seeks to nurture a renewal of architectural imagination via a trio of theatrical sub-plots: Memory, World and Action.


As part of the Theatres of Architectural Imagination symposium, eleven short Entr’Actes have been selected for exhibition.

Meaning literally ‘between the acts,’ Entr’actes were popular short performances in early modern theatre. They were devised to entertain audiences while stage curtains closed to allow for costume and scene changes between acts of a play.

Providing a practical pause, these live interludes also served a variety of artistic and interpretive purposes: offering comic relief and aesthetic delight; providing contemporary and historical allusions or context for the featured performance; and prompting alternative readings of the primary play’s meaning and plot.

As complements to a symposium of academic presentations, these two-minute Entr’Acte videos illuminate the same theatrical themes of Memory, World and Action in multi-media format, while animating pauses between paper sessions with provocatively pleasing diversions.

Curator: Lisa Landrum, University of Manitoba

 Montage of the 11 Entr’Actes, by Max Sandred.


Henrique Pina, Maria João Moreira Soares, João Miguel Couto Duarte, Lisbon

ENTR’ACTES - Symposium - Centre de design - saison 2020-2021 - vignette vidéo Meeting With Vis

Meeting with Vis Here and Now

Negin Djavaherian, Rojin Shafiei and Tina Bararian, Toronto


Avinash Muralidharan Pillai Saralakumari, Scott Henderson, Jacqueline Loewen, David Thomas, Winnipeg


Sean Vandekerkhove, University of Manitoba

Thinking out Loud

Johnathan Lum, University of Manitoba


Ralph Gutierrez, University of Manitoba

Can You Hear the Light?

Zahra Sharifi, University of Manitoba

Jalur Sutra (The Silk Road)

Andria Langi, University of Manitoba

Portrait of a House

Popi Iacovou, University of Cyprus

Constructing the Table. Between Anamorphic Disguise and Dissection: A Polyphonic Drawing Experiment

Bahar Avanoğlu and DrawingConstructions, Istanbul Bilgi University

Ghosts of Tokyo

Doreen Bernath, Sarah Mills and Sarah Gerrish (Cinematic Commons), LEEDS School of Architecture